Syphilis Natural Treatment Syphilis base on medicinal plants. Find out plants to cure from Syphilis in three weeks time. In fact, you will see all necessary information about.

Also, you will know more about this disease manifestations, its causes and its complications.

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Syphilis, let’s Talk about it: Syphilis Natural Treatment Syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection “STI”. It is caused by a bacteria called “Treponema sp” which is also very contagious. Syphilis is a common bacterial infection in developing countries. Signs of this infection often look like many illnesses, so Syphilis is nicknamed ” great simulator ”.

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Syphilis and its Causes

We are talking here about Syphilis Causes How it is caused and Some Syphilis Stages.

Syphilis in the majority of cases is transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is a transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum, a microscopic organism called a spirochete. This worm-like, spiral-shaped organism infects people by burrowing into the moist mucous membranes of the mouth or genitals. From there, the spirochete produces a non-painful ulcer known as a chancre. So, we have three stages of Syphilis:

Stage one:

  • First (primary) stage: This involves the formation of the chancre. At this stage, syphilis is highly contagious. The primary stage can last one to five weeks. The disease can be transmitted from any contact with one of the ulcers, which are teeming with spirochetes. If the ulcer is outside of the vagina or on the scrotum, the use of condoms may not help in preventing transmission. Likewise, if the ulcer is in the mouth, merely kissing the infected individual can spread syphilis. Even without treatment, the early infection resolves on its own in most women.

Stage two:

  • Second (secondary) stage: However, 25 percent of cases will proceed to the secondary stage of syphilis, which lasts four to six weeks. This phase can include hair loss; a sore throat; white patches in the nose, mouth, and vagina; fever; headaches; and a skin rash. There can be lesions on the genitals that look like genital warts, but are caused by spirochetes rather than the wart virus. These wart-like lesions, as well as the skin rash, are highly contagious. The rash can occur on the palms of the hands, and the infection can be transmitted by casual contact.

Stage three:

  • Third (tertiary) stage: This final stage of the disease involves the brain and heart, and is usually no longer contagious. At this point, however, the infection can cause extensive damage to the internal organs and the brain, and can lead to death.

Don’t forget that, some of these infections are more familiar. You’ve probably heard of chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and HIV. But many more are less talked about. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from future health problems by understanding these common STDs.

Syphilis How does it manifest?

Many people don’t notice Syphilis symptoms early. It can play havoc with your health, leading to nerve damage, blindness, paralysis, and even death if not treated on time. But you will feel this signs:

  • A round, firm, painless sore on the genitals or anal area (often the first sign)
  • A rash can develop later on the soles of the feet, palms, or other parts of the body
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss

Syphilis Treatment

Treatment is with antibiotics.

Syphilis Natural Treatment