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Understanding Sexual Dysfunctions, Erectile Dysfunction. Sexual Dysfunctions, Erectile Dysfunctions, Premature Ejaculation and Weak Erection have a good solution with herbal remedies and Herbal Tea No. 13: Tonisex E is one of them. Herbal tea N ° 013 is composed of medicinal plants, organic roots, leaves and bark. It is a good composition against premature ejaculation sexual dysfunctions and sexual breakdowns.

What to do? But be careful, sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and sexual breakdowns are not treated with a wave of the wand. You should follow the tonisex E series program with tonisex E soap, ointment and powder. It is also necessary to tone the pc muscle and other key points through specific exercises contained in the program. It takes three months of treatment for complete recovery.

Technical sheet of Sexual dysfunction Erectile dysfunction powder

 Weight  50g

 Stimulating and exciting elements


 Anabolic, stimulant, etc.

 Active substances

 Astringent, toning and stimulating tannins.


 Powder in sachet or jar


 Sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, impotence, low libido, pc muscle weakness, pouty erection, etc.

 Manual  Read the notice
 Side effets  None
 Treatment duration

 3 months renewable if necessary.

 Price  50 euro


Herbal tea 013: Sexual dysfunctions, Erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, sexual failures

Presentation of Sexual dysfunction Erectile dysfunction powder

-Powder in 50g sachet.


-Vegetable extracts

Active substances of Sexual dysfunction Erectile dysfunction powder

– Calming tannins

Price: 50 €

The therapeutic effects of Herbal Tea 013: Sexual dysfunctions, Erectile dysfunctions

Premature ejaculation Tonisex E powder successfully fights premature ejaculation and all the problems associated with erectile dysfunction. No more sexual breakdowns. But be careful, we do not treat premature ejaculation with a wave of the wand and you must follow the program of the tonisex E series with soap, ointment and tonisex E powder, because it is also necessary to tone the muscle pc and other key points by specific exercises contained in the program. It takes three months of treatment for complete recovery.

The powder reduces your sensitivity and delays ejaculation while increasing your libido. This tea provides an erection that is rock hard and lasts a really long time.


Premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, sexual impotence, low libido.

Instructions for use:

Read the instructions

NB: The effect of one intake can last 48 hours to 72 hours or even a week. To place the order, just write to zhouedegnon@yahoo.fr or call 0024107855621. Very fast shipping and delivery.

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Understand the evil.

We should not confuse sexual dysfunction premature ejaculation with impotence. You need compensated stimulants more than stimulants. You should avoid stimulants like hard alcohol, coffee, tobacco, hard drugs. Also, you have to tone the pc muscle and learn to breathe well. I mean learning how to contract the pc muscle and control breathing (inhale, hold, exhale). If you have a newborn baby next to you, observe it and admire how it breathes. Then imitate the newborn to learn to breathe better. Watch little boys pee in spurts with the contraction of the pc muscle.

The worries of this world have not yet changed the way they breathe and play. Modern man cannot breathe properly and he does everything in a hurry. He no longer knows how to tone his pc muscle when everything is not going well, no worries, but our way of life calls out to us every moment with a lot of alarm bells. And instead of stuffing yourself with drugs you have to think and rethink your life. Whoever manages to control their breathing has already conquered their premature ejaculation problem.

Our brain is too loaded with the worries of this world, with the work to be done, with the fear of tomorrow. Even in bed, the mind wanders and the brain can no longer play its role of controlling orgasm. Other case, our life is overwhelmed. We have a lot to learn from our pets’ breathing and even how they play. To tell you that premature ejaculation is a problem of self-management, of sexual re-education except in cases of organic causes.


Even if you know for sure what you are suffering from, never forget that you are not a doctor. A primary or secondary premature ejaculation can hide a more serious organic problem (prostatitis, prostate adenoma, prostate cancer, pc muscle weakness, diabetes, hypertension, varicocele, depression, etc.) You must therefore consult your family doctor to find out the root cause of your pain.

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