Tisane 014: Make Breasts Bigger Enlarge Buttocks


Make Breasts Bigger Enlarge Buttocks. That is the source of our soap made from natural plants with natural extracts and prepared naturally. For women who care about their small breasts. Tonisex GS soap to make breasts bigger, and to enlarge the buttocks in complete safety.

Enlarging your breasts, chest or buttocks is of course possible. We provide you with a natural soap to make the breasts breast or buttocks grow very quickly and safely. It is really excellent for making breasts, breasts and buttocks bigger with confidence. But the soap to make breast breast or buttocks bigger alone will not be enough and it is necessary to combine it with the ointment and the powder tonisex GS to make the breasts breast or buttocks bigger.

It’s all about a breast, chest and buttock enlargement program that works in a short time. This is the soap you need to make your small breasts bigger in no time. The soap that gives you the breasts of your dreams. No problem, you won’t be disappointed, because this soap has proven itself in more than five countries. So you’ve come to the right place with the right product with the right therapist. Opportunity is said to be the thief, so don’t let it slip away.

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Technical sheet of Make Breasts Bigger Enlarger soap

Weight 75g

Organic plant extracts


Anabolic, stimulant, etc.

Active substances

Tannins, heteroside, sterols, trace elements, etc.


Well packaged black soap


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Small breasts, small chest, small buttocks

Side effets None
Treatment duration 4 to 8 months
Price 20 euro


Africa-herbal tea 014: Tonisex GS soap to make breasts or buttocks bigger

Presentation of Make Breasts Bigger Enlarge soap

– 50g black soap


– Plant extracts.

– native soap.

Active substances of Make Breasts Bigger Enlarge soap

-Vegetable sterols very rich in phyto-estrogens

Price: 20 €

Therapeutic effects The soap to enlarge the breasts (breast) or buttocks ensures a good enlargement of your breast with a reasonable volume of your breasts and a better firmness of your breasts in a short time. This 100% natural product makes your breasts bigger naturally and simply by stimulating your ovaries to produce more estrogen. Soap to make breast breast or buttocks bigger produces new breast cells and breast tissue with strengthening of existing muscles. New tissue begins to be born, and your breasts gain muscle, volume and firmness.

This process is done just like every woman’s puberty, and the body starts producing new cells every day. The components of the product ensure a natural breast enlargement, healthy and proportional to your size, without the slightest risk of side effects or damage. Your natural and human hormones are prepared to take over after the treatment.


To make small breasts and buttocks bigger.


Every day and once a day, immediately after the shower, wash the breasts with the soap and a soft sponge by massaging the breasts gently and gently. About ten minutes, then massage vigorously without violence but also without kneading your breasts. Then use both hands for each breast. Always act with the intention of stimulating the muscles of the breasts and ovaries. Remember that the ovaries are stimulated from the brain. Likewise, insist a little more on the tips of your breasts. Finally, your husband may be able to help you further to stimulate the breasts and ovaries.

Surely, in less than two months, your small breasts will grow visibly bigger, be firmer, more prominent and appear more imposing. And the joy begins and continues. But it is necessary to plan, three to six months of treatment the better.

NB: This is also attributable to the buttocks. And to have the same results on the buttocks, you must also act in the same way. To find out more, please join us by the Click. You can also visit our site at 3.africbio.net.

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