Tetrapleura Tetraptera Four Sided Fruit Aridan Natural Plant

Tetrapleura Tetraptera Four Sided Fruit is well known with fewer benefits. Discover the wonders of aridan on infertility of women, tested fruit. To make an order of this wonderful product, please e-mail us or Call

Tetrapleura Tetraptera Four Sided Fruit Aridan Natural Plant

Tetrapleura tetraptera is a species of flowering plant in the pea family native to Western Africa. The plant is called Prekese in the Twi language of Ghana. It is also called Uhio (Uhiokrihio) in the Igbo language of Nigeria.

The tree has many uses. Its sweet fragrance is valued, its fruit is used to spice dishes, such as Banga soup, and its bark is used for supposed medicinal purposes. The major constituents are tannins, flavonoids and starch. It is mostly used to prepare palm nut soup and other types of soups called light soup because of its aroma.


The Fruit of the Tetrapleura Tetraptera or Fruit 04 Sided is generally used in traditional medicine to treat athletes, hypertension as well as back pain. The Fruit 04 Sides is also and above all used in the intimate care of women. It is effective in the treatment of:

  • painful periods,
  • fibroids and myomas,
  • cysts,
  •  blocked tubes,
  • vaginal itching,
  • infertility.
  • Allows you to have a good vaginal odor thanks to the perfume it gives off,
  • Fight against the cervix and vagina released following childbirth.


In its use, it can be prepared or used without preparing.
You have to crush the fruit to get pieces.
In 1.5 liters of water, you will put the pieces of the fruit and let stand 24 hours before

starting to drink half a glass morning and evening. You can also purge yourself with 03 times a week leaving a one day interval between purges.

NB: Can be used to flavor your dishes

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